Pasazh – Post mortem

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August 28th, 2012 2:10 pm

For my second LD in compo, I created Pasazh, an action/rpg/adventure like Zelda. It was a little too ambitious for only 48h but I tried.
I used Tiled Map Editor for level design and I programmed it in Java and used slick2d.

What Went Right :
– Graphics, satisfactory for only 48h even if the hero sprites are not very beautiful.

– Level design, I think it’s rather good, I created 19 maps and they are not bad.

– Gameplay / code : satisfactory even if I did not have enough time to create all the features I wanted.

What Went Wrong :
– TitleScreen : no time to create a good titlescreen :/

– Enemies : I wanted to create a boss and more enemies, in particular under water but no time.

– Music and sound effects : they are bad but I don’t know how to compose a good music and I don’t control Bxfr.
My game :



erf, pictures are resizing :/

(PS : sorry for my bad English)

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  1. caranha says:

    Hey Harusame!

    Thanks for your comment on my game. But I’m a bit surprised that you didn’t see the relationship between cat breeding, genetic and evolution. So I though I would like to help you on that :-)

    Do you know about Johan Mendel? He is one of the fathers of genetics. You might have studied his work in biology classes (green and rugged peas, yellow and smooth peas). My game emulates mendelian genetics.

    As for cat breeding, Charles Darwin used his observation on artificial selection (made by dog and plant breeders, in a very similar way as the game cat breeder) as the basis for his idea of natural selection, and his theory of evolution.

    So in short, my game is a simulation of natural evolution.

    Let me know if you have any further questions!

  2. harusame says:

    Oh I didn’t see that :) I change my rating for theme ^^ Thanks for this precision 😉

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