LD#24 Postmortem

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August 28th, 2012 9:50 am

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First Ludum Dare for me.
I was initially going for compo, but I spent too much time procrastinating (currently making my timelapse video, and 30% of it was games, lives, etc. despite the fact that I paused chronolapse for every “real” break), and Mathieu Hallouin made me some great music so I entered Jam instead.

Hated the theme. Thanks for influence voters… Parallel Worlds would have been a perfect theme, but well.. next time?
So hmm. Took me some time to find something to do with this theme, something that I would be able to do with my pour level in graphics.


What was good:

  • Polygonal collisions. First time trying that, and it worked perfectly (see bellow if you disagree)
  • The music. Mathieu Hallouin is really good oO his soundtrack
  • I made it in time. I spent too much time procrastinating, but in the end I was able to publish my game in time. I could have published it in compo, but as I was sync-ing the levels to the music I wanted to use the music and so I had to enter the jam instead.


What went wrong:

  • Didn’t like the theme. But well, it happens…
  • Spent waay too much time on some things, only to end up dropping the idea…
  • No snacks. I have no money atm, so I only had pasta.
  • Started the LD tired and drunk. Not good 😀 Well, I couldn’t skip this birthday party.
  • Made the polygon representation before the images. NOT a good idea, even if it allowed me to work on gameplay before doing graphics. When switching to images, the polygon representation isn’t always centered and so the collisions apply on polygons but not on images.. To try polygon mode, execute this code : ld24.poly=1; with scratchpad or whatever. Doesn’t work on mothership, I added the sprite during last 30 mins and it didn’t go well…
  • Lost more than two hours fixing something that actually was working.. Just not on firefox with localhost -_-
  • My internet connection broke 5 minutes before the deadline.. Nice troll…


It was a great experience as a first LD, I learn a lot of things that’ll help me doing a good LD next time. I’ve got a game working, and I think I’ll polish it some time soon.

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