Egocell – Post Mortem

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August 28th, 2012 1:26 am

What went right:

Programming: Even if the game is a little buggy, it was my first C++ game, and I am amazed by the fact that I really finished the engine. It has a lot of unused or incomplete features, because of a lack if time.

-Beginning: I got the idea in the first half hour of the ld. Then I directly started programming. The first day was really productive, I designed the project’s architecture, implemented the level loading system, the player…

What went wrong:

Audio: I totally forgot about audio. I added a few sounds in the end, but did not have enough time to create a soundtrack.

Level design: My choice of making 16*16 sprites resulted in 400*100 tiles per level. Making four levels took me 2 hours. For the next LD, I will make a content generator.

-Bugs: I had a LOT of f***** bugs, mainly in the third day, maybe because of the stress. My compiler really made me have a bad time. I lost a lot of time in fixing some obscure file loading or allocation errors…

-Spriting: I have never been good in graphisms. Making 4 programmer-art mobs took me half a day in total.

-Time: I was absent on sunday afternoon.



Pfew, I had a lot of problems during this first LD, but I also acquired a lot of experience that will be usefull for the next one ! Ludum Dare is a great experience !

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