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    “Dinosaur Survival Bash!!” Post-Mortem

    Posted by
    August 28th, 2012 9:51 am

    First things first, you can check out my entry here:


    Play “Dinosaur Survival Bash!!

    now, let’s take some time and evaluate what went good,
    what went bad and what went simply ugly ~

    What went right:

    • I (again) used tools I know and used the flashpunk library which I’m getting very used to – I think by know you could say that I’ve ‘mastered’ it
    • by now I seem to have advanced in pixel-art. I’m quite pleased with the overall graphical quality although I could have improved a lot of the graphics further
    • another thing I noticed is that I’m actually developing a professional workflow and feel I’m an actual indie game developer now (although I already made several games before)
    • the gameplay turned out pretty good – many people like it and the comments I’m getting are astoundig, I’m very happy

    What went bad:

    • my motivation sucked. I’m a fast coder (I made my last LD entry within 12h) but I also loose motivation very easily therefore negating that “bonus” completely. I could’ve done so much more if I would’ve gotten my ass up from procrastinating a lot
    • music is sort of my weak spot – I’m very bad at composing. although I did try making some stuff it didn’t turn out decent and I threw music over board all together
    • although the gameplay is quite good, there are some things I would like to tweak and add, like better AI and some more abilities and pick-up items
    • I have to polish my games better, there are some simple effects (like screen shakes, shadows and more sound effects) that could’ve improved the graphics and game experience significantly

    What went ugly:

    • ┬áthe theme … I didn’t have any idea what to do with it, so I started coding some basic stuff (collision, camera movement …) without any idea what for. the gameplay somehow emerged out of it during development and it all felt very unpleasing. somehow I couldn’t think of something good to do with it for the first day


    Play “Dinosaur Survival Bash!!

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