Badass postmortem thingie

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August 28th, 2012 9:55 pm

This will not be your usual post-mortem. I will not be saying what went good and what went bad. I will just focus on what I didn’t give a damn about.

What I didn’t give a damn about:

Definitely, I got a bit over ambitious with the amount of stuff I wanted to have in the game, and there are many things I just didn’t care about.

These are acutally not noticable when playing the game, because it’s fast paced. But this is what you should keep in mind.

This is Ludum Dare, and you only have 48h, you need to get over your OCD and don’t care about anything.

You might want to say that “My game is not fast paced, so I couldn’t have gotten away with that!”. Here’s a slow-motion version of Badass to prove you wrong.

Use whatever you can! It might be forbidden to use existing artwork, but coding is a copypasta fest! I used FlashPunk, and it has a build in collision detection, but that does not apply to layered beat’em’up style. So I just used it implicitly misplacing the graphics. It took me exactly 2 lines of code.

Code for Badass is super simple and I think I spent around 8 hours writing all of it.

It takes less time to record and playback an audio file, than to write text and text display. Also, it’s 100% more badass!

This is my recording device:

Amd here is a drill I use to create badass voice:
– Record with mic
– Stretch wave to 111% length
– Apply subtle dynamic processing
– Add slight reverb
– Normalize
– Convert to 22kHz 8bit Mono
– Save as 32kbps mp3 (32kbps@22khz/mono == 128kbps@44khz/stereo)
Takes few clicks in your favourite audio editor!

Instead of working on one track to make it nmore awesome, I actually made 3 tracks and ditched 2 of them. If you know how to use a tool to make music, it shouldn’t take you much time to create some!

Ditched track #1
Ditched track #2

When I finally got something I was satisfied with, I spent few more minutes on it and used it!

The game jam is 48 hours, and you’re always going to be making last-minute fixes soon before the deadline. Then you want to test out your game, and you remember it takes 1 hour to beat!

Also, You spent a lot of time adding content, but the game is really hard and parts of it, noone will see.

That’s why Badass is

  1. Short
  2. Easy

Badass takes about 3 minutes to beat completely. When you game over, you start where you left off, and apart from all that, the game’s terribly easy.



  1. There are 1405 games to play, if you played all 3 weeks straight, you only have under 5 minutes to play any of them
  2. I wanted people to see all that I made, and not get bored in the process
  3. I made this cool ending :)

So, keep that in mind, and make short and fun games! I always aim at making an LD game that has a proper beginning and a proper end and is short. It doesnlt always work out properly, but I knwo that this is the way to go :)

You, it is! Always remember, leave your OCD somewhere else, and just have fun making awful things for this amazing event, just as I do!

And naturally, here’s a Badass link!

3 Responses to “Badass postmortem thingie”

  1. johnfn says:

    Wow, you have a lot of attention to detail. I didn’t notice the errors until you pointed them out. For my part, I had seams in the background too, and I spent like 30 minutes in a futile effort trying to remove them. It failed, and I gave up and did something more productive. :)

    • sorceress says:

      The person who made the game will tend to notice the most errors, if only because they’ve spent 48 hours staring at it up close!

      you need to get over your OCD and don’t care about anything.

      This is replacing one extreme with it’s opposite extreme. Somewhere in between is “taking pride in your work”, which I believe is the optimal point to aim for.

      eg, some people will take pride in their humour, or in their (chaotic) method of working, while others will take pride in their graphics, or compelling story, or whatever.

      So, keep that in mind, and make short and fun games! […] I knwo that this is the way to go

      People take part in LD for all sorts of reasons. The goals of the jam don’t necessarily align perfectly with our own goals; our own reasons for taking part. We can either shoehorn ourselves to fit the goals of the jam, or shoehorn the jam to fit our own goals… I prefer the latter :)

  2. Bemmu says:

    Wouldn’t sounds have too much background hiss / noise when just recorded at home with cheap mic?

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