Ages of Irving – Post Mortem

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August 28th, 2012 6:44 am

What an odissey. For the 24th edition of the Ludum Dare, with the given theme Evolution, I decided to try developing a conversational adventure, wich I thought will suppose less work than other type of genres… ERROR. In a more typical game, with its platforms, monsters and other details, one developed the concept and gameplay, It’s “just” (not meaning easy)  about expanding that world, designing new levels and making the game experiencie wider with elements wich had already been well defined. On last LD, with much less experiencie in game gev, I built Deconstructorium and finished lots of hours before the compo time limit. Moreover, counting that most engines come very well prepared for the platforming genre.

Ages of Irving is a Torture/Interrogating Simulator game with a short story at the background. Believing that the conversational genre won’t steal me so much time, I allowed myself the luxury of designing an art and context rich and well defined. In the end, I not simply failed to finish within 48 hours, but submitted my entry on the very last second of the 72 hours Jam mode, and with just the half of the content I planned.

Creating a deep conversation system, with enough possibilites, actions and reactions from a lot of different characters, generates a huge amount of variables. “This will be just a matter of writting”, I said. I present you the “profile” of just one character so you can make and a idea of the volume of the game. Epic fail on me.

I designed 20 characters. 5 for each phase of Irving’s life, which would have guaranteed a richer gameplay and more liberty as for the ratio of killing/confesing targets (In addition to more context for the story). It was planned that solving 2 of 5 cases you could advance in the game. Now, with just 2 o 3 per level you just need one of them.

The music is also missing this time. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to finish a compo with sound 😛

We plan to work on a more polished version, including all the things that were left over and publish it on

You may play this Ludum Dare version here

(On Firefox 14+ tooks a looong time to load, on Chrome runs smoother)

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