I completed my first Ludum Dare last night; submitted it around midnight local time (BST). The first issue was that the theme was only announced at 2AM my time, after a full day at work. I stayed up for it and brainstormed until I had a workable idea and a whole load of elaborations. This meant I didn’t sleep until nearly four and only started coding in earnest at midday on Saturday. I’d planned to sleep as little as possible but the way it played out, I had two full eight hour nights.

I had decided ahead of time to aim simple, not use a framework and just get something working by the deadline. I did not shoot far enough, most of the work was done on the Saturday and by Sunday I was pretty pissed off with it. Turns out I love coding but not so much level design, also I got quite lonely. In my professional life, it’s all big groups and large teams. I need that more than I realized.

I think next time, I’ll plan a couple of hours out of the house with other people for the Saturday night. Saying that, I had a friend on google plus which helped more than I thought it would. He play-tested for me and also when I was convinced my game was pants told me to just do it. Which helped, as I did.

Next time, I’ll work out how to make some noises (or at least organize a microphone) ahead of time. Also plan some levels out properly before I get bored of it.

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  1. VAMflax says:

    I’m in the UK, and I went with an early night Friday, and got up at 6am Saturday. Was waaay tempted to stay up to see the theme at 2am, but I think it probably worked out better this way.

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