LD24 (Post Mortem)

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August 27th, 2012 1:31 pm

The game was created at a real live gathering were i had lots of free beer and even more fun :)

what went well:

– free beer was a good motivator

– the game represents my initial idea.

– it’s fun to play and there are no game breaking bugs (besides that audio issue, damn you Java!)

– i like the graphics

what went wrong:

– not enough content because i started from scratch and building a game from scratch takes too much time

– not enough sleep because of time issues

– i’ve installed ubuntu on my notebook the week before. I didn’t test anything and just assumed that everything would work. After writing the basic rendering for my game in JavaScript, i’ve noticed that my notebook couldn’t render the most basic stuff without having a flickering / lagging output. I’ve switched programming languages just to notice that it’s a hardware problem. Luckily, the host of the gathering had a spare computer that actually worked.


My conclusion:

I should write a simple engine for the basic stuff so that i won’t have to write everything from scratch next time. This will give me some extra time to make a game that has more content and better gameplay. And it would be possible to do this without staying awake for 32+ hours straight.

 Last words:

Thanks to Julian from Spielmeister for hosting the real life gathering and for the help with my little hardware problem 😉 LD’s are fun and im looking forward to the next one :)





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