How to Play Cat Breeders

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August 27th, 2012 3:21 pm

Today I got a friend to play my game together with me, and I realized that the interface is completely non-intuitive. Here is a small guide about how to play the game:

* Goal: Your goal is to please the different clients, by selling them cats that fit their preferences. Each client has a completely different preference, such as big cats, spotted, active cats, etc.

* Breeding screen: You start the game here. Select a Cat and click on the “breeding area” to select a cat for breeding. Ribbons indicate females. Small cats are immature and cant breed. Select a cat and click on the lens to get more info about it. Select a cat and click on the river to throw a cat away. Click “end turn” to advance the game: Cats will breed and eat food.

* Pet Shop Screen: You can buy 4 different items here. Click on an item to get a description of the item. Click on “buy item” to buy the selected item.

* Sell cats scree: The list of your cats, and the list of available clients can be seen. Select a cat, a client, and click on “Sell Cat” (bottom button) to sell a cat. Select a client and click on the mouth button to get some info about that client. Select a cat and click on the lens button to get some info about the cat.

Sorry about the lengthy manual. When my friend started playing the game, the confusing parts of the interface became immediately obvious. Many of those were easy fixes. This is why it is VERY important to get your game tested by another person during the dare (of course, to get your game testing, you need a working prototype early in the dare).

Hope you enjoy the game!

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