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    Posted by
    August 27th, 2012 7:53 pm

    Eplilogue–The Book of Lives

    We made a game called Living Tales, where you write the book of evoloution. It’s a sandbox-like game where you add objects by writing their names; and you see them appear and move around and interact on one page while the story of them is written on the other page.

    The Ludum Dare version: Living Tales on Ludum Dare

    The Kongregate version: Living Tales on Kongregate

    Splash for Living Tales

    What went right:

    I’m proud of the work i did and i feel like i worked hard and did my best

    We had fun! :)

    I enjoyed collaborating with kkednekadnez. It was my first collaboration and it was pretty fun

    I was able to upload to Kongregate
    While i loathe Stencyl, using it DOES mean we could enter the Kongregate contest…and i got all my kongregate freinds to play it!

    What went wrong:

    Time zones
    a 9-hour time difference can be a real pain in the ass when trying to collaborate with someone to make a game…

    OMG dont get me started on Stencyl…it wouldnt let us share the file, it made the game lag, it made weird bugs…

    Ludum Dare doesn’t allow collaboration credit…
    …which means i don’t get to rate any games :(

    Not enough time to add all the features we wanted
    We were going to have giant mushrooms, dominating slug predators, and a giant pacman that ate everything, and more interactions among the objects that existed

    We’re planning to make a post-compo version with a few more features

    Toodles! :)

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