2052 Postmortem

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August 27th, 2012 9:33 am

Well, this Ludum Dare was certainly many orders of magnitude easier than the previous one; for that, I’m beyond infinitely thankful. Where the previous LD had me basically begging for death in the last few hours, I felt far more relaxed overall working on a more simple piece of interactive fiction – considering I find writing to be far easier than coding! The game itself can be found here. As before, I’ve put together a timelapse video of the process (though it’s nowhere near as exciting as the one I made for Quark).

I’m really, genuinely pleased with the result this time around, and I’d really best get on to the actual Post Mortem itself!

What Went Right?:

  • I analysed more or less exactly how much free time I had over the weekend, and planned accordingly. Having failed to keep my weekend free, I had somewhere in the region of 16 hours of time to work on a game – so I decided that I’d need to make a far easier project if I wanted to have a completed entry. Hence, why I decided on writing interactive fiction.
  • Choosing a far easier project majorly cut down on stress. Unlike the previous Ludum Dare, I wasn’t freaking out or obsessing over the clock. With a far easier project in the works, I could afford the time to take it easy and more or less relax.
  • Twine is fantastic, and extremely easy to use. I had never used it before this weekend, and yet in no time at all I had grasped not only how to work it, but also to customise virtually all facets of 2052’s design. Having prior experience with CSS helped out here, naturally, but CSS is so user friendly that allowing the user to build their own stylesheets was a fantastic idea in and of itself.
  • I ate well and got plenty of sleep over the weekend.
  • I cut out all the supernatural elements I had originally planned for the story.┬áSeriously, that stuff just does not gel well with dystopian Sci-Fi.

What Went Wrong?:

  • I had entirely neglected to secure the weekend off. A laundry list of real life obligations cropped up, and I should have prepared against them far in advance.
  • My story lacks a high amount of interactivity. I feel if I had more time, I would have based all of the elements in the story on player choice – just now it reads more like fiction scribbled onto an html document rather than true interactive fiction.
  • Some more art would have helped to set the mood. I only had the time to create the opening graphic, and I feel more small graphics like that would have helped to show the world of 2052 to players.

Things to Consider for Next Time:

  • Actually take the time off work!
  • I should have far more interactivity in any future IF I make – otherwise it just isn’t fun.
  • I shouldn’t feel restricted to the standard definition of a ‘game’ either: Ludum Dare is all about experimentation!
  • Submit more food pictures.Keep on having fun with LD – I should try to relax and keep away from overbearing pressure when I need to.

That’s it for this overview of my second Ludum Dare experience, I might post again later to show some of the LD highlights once I’ve reviewed 100 games or so. If not, then I’ll see you all again in December!

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  1. Demian.J says:

    Seeing that you have a romantically apocalyptic Wallpaper as your desktop background was enaugh for me to give you a fav. I think the Captain would agree with me. She is such a lovly lady, don’t you agree?

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