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August 26th, 2012 5:46 am

Ok, time for an update.
Thing aren’t moving as fast as I would. I think having movies instead of music as audio background wasn’t such a bright idea. Plus problem with girlfriend. Mood isn’t really there, but it’s ludume dare time, so let talk about the game.

click for a screenshot of my playground

You can try it here » Disease EX {p,t} 3/1 «. Right now, there is feedback when you press button (hjkl + xc), 2 title screen, a main menu, a movable cursor and panel. So no gameplay yet.

Plan is to put you in the skin of bacteria. A lot of them. Multicellularity, they act like a whole. They have found a nucleus, nobody know how, and they have discovered they can use it to evolve, nobody know why. Problem, maybe you are not the only bacteria here to have this faculty.

I’ll call it a game if I can manage to add fog of war, mechanism to grow and salvage environment and fight the bad guys. Or, to put it in more common terms, EX{p}lore, EX{p}and, EX{p}loit, EX{t}erminate. Yeah, it’s a 4X game.

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  1. Mjiig says:

    That’s a cool idea you’ve got going there. I hope you’re planning to carry this on post-compo?

  2. TheSheep says:

    yay for another grayscale game!

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