Tired, groggy, but prepared for a start soonish

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August 26th, 2012 2:37 am

2 bad nights in a row, during Ludum Dare, which is strange because I’m not anĀ insomniac and I’ve always been able to sleep fairly easily. Guess it must be the Ludum Daemons.

Anyway, I thought yesterday I would delay the “level thing” (see previous blog post) until I was less tired, but if I am to stick to that plan because generally I go through 3 stages in the day:

1. Groggy

2. Awake

3. Tired

Now, as I woke in the night and was extremely hot stage #1 is a lot longer than normal, and stage #3 will start earlier, so I have to prepare for whenever stage #2 may arise. I guess I can click “generate sound” in sfxr while not being able to function normally, hmm?

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