After creating and submitting a game for LD23, I played a _TON_ of games.  I strove to get my “Coolness” score to 100%.  I forget what was required 100% coolness, but I had a great time getting there.

One problem, on a Mac, I was not able to play many many games because they required windows.  Every time I picked an interesting looking screenshot, stupid windows binary; no dice.  Ugh.  Cmon, give me flash, give me java.


I finished a game for LD24, and attempted to play one of the early submitters games… and wouldn’t you know it, windows binary.

I’m not going to be stopped so easily this time!  I’ve got a fresh install of VMWare and I’m not afraid to use it.

Lets rock some games like it’s 1998!

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  1. RawBits says:

    I had a similar problem before. I found only Java – which I don’t like and Unity – which killed windows in all of the LDs so I needed to reinstall (except this time). An there was only a small number of Windows games.
    Still don’t care about Mac or Linux but this time I will not be so choosy. I will play platform independent games because I used Processing too – which based on Java – and it’s cool! :)

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