Screenshot Update: What else is on?

Posted by (twitter: @accidentalrebel)
August 26th, 2012 7:38 am

Try out the latest dev build here.

This is the part where I polish the hell out of the game. For the past hour, I worked on a sprite manager to add a little pizzaz to the screens.

Latest changes:

  • Added animations to the virus face
  • Added a different animation to the other screens

To do list:

  • Dying event
  • More polish
Might add in the future:
  • Player upgrades
  • Evolving AI (Getting smarter as time goes by)
  • Multiplayer – For more lols

4 Responses to “Screenshot Update: What else is on?”

  1. jtoper says:

    The mouse is a little too sensitive. Just my opinion though

  2. Cjreynol says:

    Very cool concept. I wouldn’t worry about player upgrades or multiplayer, but worry about tweaking the mouse movement controls to be more smooth and see what you can do with evolving AI. Has great contest potential!

    • Accidental Rebel says:

      Thank you. Yes, the more I went deeper into the project, the more I realized that player upgrades and multiplayer isn’t necessary and might even ruin the simplicity of the game mechanic. Thank you for confirming.

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