Oh my oh my! Post Mortem

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August 26th, 2012 10:55 pm

Hello Hoverbot!


Yah, says the robot, thanks for bringing me into being!


Noo, says the robot, why couldn’t you make me better!?


Aghhhghahaha! yells the robot!


Haha! Excuse me being a tad delirious, here is some meaty stuff:

Making games is fun!

Packaging games for others to play, trying to make a timelapse of collected photos, and feeling really tired are things that are not fun!

Anyways, I am so happy, as I just got those unfun things finished (minus timelapse, which just was not working, so I kind of…erm…gave up), and here are my thoughts:


  • Learned new tools quickly, and managed to make a complete game
  • Made more complex graphics and collision than ever before (but they are still quite simple, don’t get too excited, folks!)
  • Finished everything up despite the approaching deadline, go TEAM ROCKET….oh…I meant to say TIME MANAGEMENT!
  • Already rated a game, gonna go rate some more!
Not So-Successes:
  • Did not get a truly playable prototype quick enough, I had something running, but it wasn’t really playable
  • Graphics were cool and complex, but did not get to round out the entire package
  • Music creation, which I love, was pushed till the end, and I made a psuedo-decent tune in a few minutes and then shipped the game off
  • Lacked knowledge of tools/language I was using
  • Thus overall, some more polish was needed, and I needed to be more focused and a tad quicker
Ho0hum, this blog post shall come to an end. Play my game to see lil roboty in action!



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