Ludum Dare: Evolution

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August 26th, 2012 6:19 am

I didn’t decide I was making a game till I woke up on Saturday morning, and after a strange conversation with my little brother (mainly about ribosomes) we came up with an idea.

Idea 1: Eugenics Cupid.

The game was to be about Nazi eugenics, the player controlling a kind of mechanized cupid and creating an aryan race. In case this wasn’t already distasteful enough, the player would then be ordered to create super soldiers by e.g. breeding people with tortoises to create shelled people. I spent most of the day on this before deciding to scrap it and start something that could easily be finished in time, mainly because art would have taken too long. So another conversation with my brother lead to another idea.

Idea 2: Arena shooter with evolving enemies.

The concept behind this was that every new wave of enemies would base their stats on the average stats of the last wave with some random variation, so for example killing slower enemies will lead to faster ones spawning. This is implemented, and works, but makes very little difference. I think it’s because the small variation in stats makes a negligable practical difference in how easy they are to kill. Maybe if the game was played for a very long time or there was a battle between thousands of AIs it would be apparent, but not in the minute or so the game takes to play.

Despite the ‘twist’ not working, I’m quite happy with how the game feels to play. It’s far from a complete game but the core mechanics of flying around and shooting things work as they are supposed to. There are many obvious improvements which could be made, a lot of which I could easily do before the end of the competition, but I have other things which need doing today so am submitting it as it is.

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