It’s all under the hood, baby…

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August 26th, 2012 9:54 am

Progressing steadily, but I suspect not fast enough to make the 48h compo deadline with something nice.

Perhaps I’ll just upload whatever I have, and see what people make of it. But the ‘fun’ factor needs improvement, atm it is just a decent simulator – the player choices need to impact more!

Secondary goal of the game is to combat some common misconceptions about evolution, one of which is that species  ‘select’ DNA or traits themselves. Or that species change dna while alive to ‘evolve’.  Only through (untimely) death can evolution really work.
But then you got point-mutations which is kinda random and could happen in a organism during it’s lifetime. Mostly just during conception / birth though.

Conveying those things and still keeping the player involved is hard. But we’ll see. I may deviate to just increase The Fun ™.

The following screenshot does not really show the progress made – mostly it’s under the hood:

Oh and since we’re postin – lets keep the food coming too ! 😉

(gotta compensate for all those green…)


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