I got done! And didn’t pass out!

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August 26th, 2012 7:13 pm

Despite internet failing at (literally) 12 minutes until the deadline I’ve pulled through.

It’s not everything I had hoped for, but significantly more than I had fretted for.

How did I get a shot with no brains in it?

I can’t believe I’m looking at this thing done! Now to go rate the others.. Or perhaps sleep first.

You can play it here

Due to work and slumber this ended up only being about a 23 hour compo for me, I look forward to attempting the full weekend some time.

I think I’ll explore the whole LD experience and do a PostMortem soon, too.  Perhaps more appropriate to do it for a fixed up Jam version so that the original idea gets across more.

Nonetheless, for the curious here’s a little run down off the top of my head (after the break):

Language / Framework

All written from scratch on top of vanilla FlashPunk which made things rather easy.  I had my first go with AS3 and FlashPunk about 8 hours before the compo opened and gave it a go.  I am not disappoint!


Audacity and constrained mumblings into laptop microphone in my laundry.  Hardly the best foley work I’ve ever done, but it got the job done!


Mostly I used AseSprite, but then started switching over to vector based illustration.  Didn’t get there on the hero sprite though, who’s still a 4-frame placeholder “animation” I whipped up when I was trying to get a feel for the shape of apes.  The apeshape.


Messy.  Started off with good intentions, but some of those good intentions were “don’t over-design” so, hey winnar!
Also, not knowing the FlashPunk framework resulted in my unknowingly reinventing the wheel a few times.  I started to rip out those sections during the final hour cleanup – but didn’t get to all of ’em.


Okay. Time for me to pass out with some of my new homemade cider!

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