I give up

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August 26th, 2012 4:46 am

I still have 10.5 hours left to finish my game and normally I wouldn’t give up so soon, but my preparation was insufficient. I thought I knew how to use Unity after 2 weeks of casually testing stuff but now that I’m creating an actual game things are not working the way I thought they would. The biggest problem is replacing my placeholder cubes. I can’t seem to figure out how to ‘update’ the mesh without breaking a lot of things (I don’t even know why things are getting broken because they don’t seem to be related to the mesh I’m replacing anyway). I know such problems are part of software/game development, but I just don’t see how I can finish my game in time with all these problems.

I have learned a lot though, this was my first game jam and I most certainly will be back next time. And I’ll be better prepared.

Oh and my game was about the evolution of videogames. You start out with a game of pacman (in a custom level though) where you have to eat all Space Invaders cabinets, after that your player character evolves into Mario who has to kick the pacman asses (because pacman is ‘outdated’) in the same level, but with gravity and stuff so you get some platforming action. When you’ve cleared the level Mario evolves into.. well something first person 😉 And then you get to play a first person shooter, also in the same level. There you have to shoot the Mario’s/Nintendo systems to show them that first person 3D games are the ones that will survive, not the crappy 2D platformers :) The idea was to eventually, if there was time left to implement it, let the shooter part play as a ‘horde/wave’ game with ‘Evolution Points’ (upgrade points) to see how long you can survive.

Oh well, I guess a “this is what I have learned” post will follow later this week. Good luck to everyone who’s still busy developing!

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  1. TheSheep says:

    A shame, but not worry, next time you will know your tools better! Your idea sounds very nice, I guess it should all end with Zynga 😉

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