Failed Again

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August 26th, 2012 11:59 am

Once again I have failed. I really didn’t like the theme so I decided to just try to make something I wanted to make and try to fit the theme around it, but the two didn’t mesh well together.

The idea was a C&C-style RTS, but where you grow sort of Pokemon-like units a a cloning tank. You would capture small animals to study their genes, then splice those genes together to make bigger, meaner creatures. There would be traits like fire breathing and such.

Of course all this is massively over-ambitious, and I couldn’t finish in time. Here’s what I have at this stage…

The main base

I managed to get the basic RTS mechanics in place, and started adding buildings and some units, but the whole gene splicing thing just never happened. I suppose I could have just made it so you build your creatures directly from your base without the whole genetics thing, but I felt like that would be straying even further from the theme.

I suppose the whole RTS thing was a bit over the top, but I feel like it could have worked if I had just ignored the theme altogether.

Never mind. I still had fun.

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  1. naxum says:

    I had a similar idea, what with the finding random monsters with traits and capturing them to make better ones. Ran out of time too 😛

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