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August 26th, 2012 8:42 pm

I succeeded again at failing…some may not be excited by this and I know many people don’t understand it or may drop out if they know they aren’t going to finish. As for me I will always try down to the last second. I will fail to finish there is no question with only less than 3 hours and 30 minutes left at the time of this writing it’s near impossible for me to finish. But for those of you who need a reason for never giving up in a competition like this there is one thing you can count on, you will always come away with something. You can keep working on the game you started you will walk away knowing how much you can get done and what areas you have to focus in to be a more efficient programmer. Simply because if you write buggy code it eats up your time, if you don’t know how to do a piece of code and spend too long on it you will know how to do it next time. If you get stuck on the theme you fight through lack of creativity, if you miss the mark on in anyway it sets you back so definitely all a bunch of wins use every second you can get to work your way through just one more piece of code or content it is well worth it.

Just some stats,

LD#22 I did

646 project code
1373 engine code
2019 total lines

LD#24 I have done

3457 lines of code, one project this time, all written over this weekend

Post Mortem

More importantly than LOC is the fact that I experimented with isometric for the first time and figured out somethings I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do in such a short time. I was also able to create work through some engine concepts I’ve been toying around with in my brain for the last couple years now. I consider this to be a serious win and will definitely do everything I can to participate in the next competition.

Early on I could not come up with something to save my life, I mean evolution really!!!. Needless to say I started coding after the first couple of hours hoping something would eventually come to me which it kind of did but didn’t really take shape until towards the end of the first day of the compo. I made an editor which btw took very little time to make but unfortunately I didn’t realize that I should just put content in anyway I knew how instead of trying to fill-in the gaps in code with the engine related parts. I spent entirely too much time in the beginning of the compo making a complex input handling system which had some bugs and ate up a few hours dealing with those issues and then had to be refactored. Fortunately unlike last time I caught myself and started with more basic working code and doing the piece by piece building and refactoring after you get a piece to work.

I’ve found myself jumping in and making some very messy code at first that does only a single thing of what I really want and then after it’s working I rip it apart and refactor it. Seems to work, sometimes it’s a pain and you can loose a lot of time debugging again if you aren’t careful when you coded it or when your ripping it apart. Some codes just don’t want to be RIP…PED apart. Oh wells damn those codes.

So eventually I just said ok I am gonna do some isometric type stuff so I made all the GeneralPath stuff which is a lot of fun, making shapes and stuff with, then I had at least a bunch of tiles I could do something with and this is where things just dropped off the edge of the world. I said ok cool I can do isometric now there were some problems with it and some painters algorithm issues and instead of dealing with those I started making engines again. *Shakes* fist at engines, make games damn u make games, it’s not fair to the game to just have engine code. I should have continued the trail of adding a little bit of ugly code to make another piece of the puzzle and refactor it later to extend and reuse it. But instead I spent all my time on engine pieces hence the 3457 lines of code. *Shakes head* and uh *face palm*

Only in this last hour did I freaking realize what I had done to myself, so frustrating. Anyways my advice to um myself and whoever reads is start making content and gameplay mechanics immediately and always work on them don’t spend any time in structure or other types of code like file system code, make it as dirty as you have to, be creative about how to save time. These of course are things to apply next time which I can already say I am desperately looking forward too.

Final progress images

Some final screenshots for your amusement.

As always it’s been a pl…challenge and extremely fun…I will definitely be here for next compo we’ll see if I come a little bit more prepared I only really remembered about it this time a couple weeks before the competition started. I guess that is what email reminders and calendar events are for.

I can’t wait to start playing some of the games people managed to make and of course see who wins this evolution theme.


ttfn ta ta for now.

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