Here is all I could do within a two days time, folks. I’m satisfied of what I’ve done with the colorful graphics, but I’m afraid there’s nothing much interesting to play here, just a couple of unicellular organisms fighting in free waters. All packed in a cute html5 game.

My original idea was to let the player evolve through classes represented by genes : you choose two starter genes, and after each level you have two more genes to choose from based on your previous choice, each gene adding capabilities to the player from speed to gravity based moves. You start as a mere bacteria to slowly evolve into an animal, the finality of the game being to evolve into homo sapiens… then what may come after. But of course, I couldn’t do anything in 48 theorical hours (wich include at least 10 hours of sleep) and the game oncly features the two first genes, a short multiple-screens level (with a 1000 kittens secret) and some kind of end level boss that you must slay in order to end the game by finding its weakness. Oh, and I even added an intro + title screen and an ending sequence…

Anyway, I had a fun time working on this, let me know what you think about it 😉


Project page – Play EvoluTion



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