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August 26th, 2012 4:32 pm

I haven’t slept properly for last 48 hours, and I’m just realizing that the weekend is over for real :(

This was my first LudumDare, and I’m quite satisfied with myself that I made the game. YeaH!!

I started out with a game where there would be millions of species living and fighting for survival, and here is the snapshot of it:


The game that just didn’t work

You see each block represents an organism. And then there was this algorithm that each organism was just to reproduce. The chances of reproduction was based on three core factors: The attractiveness, the reachability and the force of nature :)

You can guess a lot just by looking at the statistics being displayed at bottom.

But, sooner I realized that this game was a shit, there was nothing for you to play in it. It was more like watching Discovery channel.

So, I just simply carped it out and went to sleep. I woke at least 3 times at night brainstorming some idea for ‘Evolution’. At one point I even googled the word ‘Evolution’ to get some idea. But everywhere were the parody of that ape-to-man image.

Then, I finally decided to make this another game, where we play the role of God on some creatures of some world.

The idea seemed awesome to me. The job of God was decided to be The Natural Selector, to avoid congestion and/or extinction.

At the beginning, there were infinite organisms of random species. Each one had its own skin color. Then I thought of doing something more simpler. Why not just create 5 species, with each species having a square shape. I even thought of one species eating other one when they collide, but I was getting too lazy and too late to do any heavy computational work.

From then on I just did cropping of ideas, making it more and more simpler. Settling with just 5 species having a color code. Each one splitting into 2-3 at the end of its lifetime.

The I worked on adding a single bullet, when you fired you had to wait for it to cross the screen – the reload time. But while testing, many times I just wish I had more bullets. Bombarding the world seemed quite interesting.

But, that added one more bug, now a user could just close the eyes nuke the world. So I decided to keep a count of bullets, like if you fire something more than 1000 bullets you loose, and then to like if you fire 10 bullets within a minute you loose. But still nothing could hold me from shooting on the screen.

So, I added the logic if at any given time you make a species extinct by killing everyone you loose and that made a lot of sense.

And with that implemented, the game was done. I was about to post it when I realized that I hadn’t added sounds to it. And I wasn’t even sure if SFML supported the sound format sfxr exported to. They had nothing mentioned in the documentation, I went to the header file and  there was that awesome comment about all the formats supported and I was quite relived to see the wav format.

And, while I’m writing about the music and sound I just realize that I forgot to release the Music objects. But, I’m not going to fix it now. I’m too tired, and that wont be a big problem as those objects are always alive, they die and become zombie when the program quits..


And, that’s it I think. First Ludum Dare awesome. I guess from now on I will participate everytime. I learned a hell lot of things. I made a Mac game for the first time. I used so much C++ for the first time, I used so much SFML for the first time, I made a game in few hours for the first time. There are so many first times. Awesome experience, thank you Ludum Dare.

And, if you’re reading still to this point please go and check out my game, code or snapshots. Snapshots were the hardest thing to take, as any key press resulted in going into the game. I had to comment some code and rewrite some just to take screenshots of the launch and the game over screen.


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