Assimilator: A Cursory Glance

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August 26th, 2012 5:38 am

So Evolution is a theme I’ve wanted since my first Ludum Dare (LD#21 – Escape), and it’s finally here!
By extension of this and a previous goal to crack the top 300/100-if-possible, I’m working as hard as I can to produce something cool.

Assimilator is the tale of a scientist who wants to view evolution in accelerated time. He created the “assimilator class” nanobot whose only goal is to adapt and outperform others – to evolve.  You play as an ordinary, boring assimilator, and your goal is to demolish others and advance through generations, upgrading on the way.

The main mechanic is your Assimilation Beam, which drains your core power when used. You’ll have to be careful – when your core power is gone, so are you. So you must choose targets you know you can kill or carefully attack an enemy strategically. Each dead enemy gives you Evo points to spend on upgrades when you advance generations and spawn the next bot.

But the environment is deadly! Other bots fight each other, all striving for your goal; domination through evolution. When you advance a generation, so does everyone else, with random scaled upgrades to attributes and abilities. Attributes include health, strength and speed, and abilities include shields, dashing and “Assimilator Buddies” who help you assimilate targets.

This action RPG is a big task for 48 hours, and I was nervous to undertake it, but good planning and regular 5-minute breaks to refresh my thinking have put me in a good position to finish. Take a look at the latest screenshots below:

The Intro Menu

A shot from in-game

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