Anyone bored?

Posted by (twitter: @AleksandarDev)
August 26th, 2012 9:30 am

I need some Alpha testers for my game, quickly!

Game is made for Window (XNA required)

Game controls:
BACK (on top of enter key) – Restart (START)
SPACE – EMP powerup (X)
Left CTRL – Beacon powerup (B)
Left SHIFT – Jump powerup  (A)
(xxx) are controls for XBox controller

Here is link to executable

7 Responses to “Anyone bored?”

  1. ryebread761 says:

    Testing now!

  2. ryebread761 says:

    NVM I don’t have time to fiddle with .NET, sorry!

  3. Adok says:

    Sorry, I do not have the latest XNA Framework installed. With the one I have your game does not seem to run.

  4. Adok says:

    Installed XNA Framework 4.0. The game displays: “No suitable graphics card found”, then quits.

  5. kaidoe says:

    Works fine for me, laptop, windows 7 64-bit, not integrated graphics, plays well.

    Sometimes the “token” spawned on a wall, thats the only problem I saw

  6. @kaidoe Yeah I have fixed that problem, it was minor bug i left for later. How far did you came, how many points have you collected?

    @Adok As for graphics card problem. Seems that problem was that he HiProfile was selected instead of Reach so the game couldn’t be played on computer with integrated graphics. I fave fixed that too.

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