Alright, here we go…

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August 26th, 2012 9:37 am

It’s getting better and better. I just “wrote” a Soundtrack (actually I just clicked around in Ableton Live to create something that sounds – at least a bit – like a soudntrack), the ingame menu is done, I created 5 introduction levels. Now I need ideas for the endless game mode… and then it’s done. Just a few more minor Bugfixes and its _done_.

Latest playable version:

Feedback is always welcome!

7 Responses to “Alright, here we go…”

  1. Florent says:

    Nice Osmos-like ! But we should be able to see more on the edge of the screen when moving, we don’t have time to react if a bigger particle suddenly appear.

  2. misson20000 says:

    I won a level while being eaten by a red particle and it said You Win! YOu lose! Then moved on to the next level

  3. misson20000 says:

    I also get good FPS at the start, but when I get really big the FPS completely dies

  4. Brucef says:

    I was about to post the same thing as florent. Reminds me of Osmos a lot, I like it, but it really needs the camera to scroll more to keep the player in the center, i kept losing from running into dust ball things I didnt see as I tried to move the camera to look

  5. sgehlich says:

    Florent and Brucef: Thanks for the feedback, I’ll implement it now
    mission20000: What browser are you using? (For the FPS thingy) and did it say You win and you lose at the same time?

  6. Xide says:

    Love the idea… However red particles are a little over-powered and also Endless Mode isn’t endless… once you get all the dust particles there are only red ones left and so all you can do is die…

  7. sgehlich says:

    Xide: Oh, forgot to mention that the endless mode does actually not work yet. I’m working on it now. Why do you think the red particles are overpowered?

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