Status update: “Morph, Virus, Morph!” v0.2

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August 25th, 2012 8:30 pm

Find the video of v0.2 on YouTube:

New stuff:

  • the player´s character (a green virus! what surprise!) is now animated.
  • the player can rotate/turn the camera left and right.
  • some red enemies rotate and wait for the player to shoot them.
  • at the far end of the level there is an exit waiting.

To do stuff:

  • Camera moves out of the level walls – ugly, must fix!
  • Enemies want to shoot player badly. Must implement this.
  • Maybe some health bar for the virus? (Do viruses in reality have … health?! Wondering….)
  • Dead enemies must drop “source code artifacts” -> for feeding the virus, so that it can evolve / mutate / grow / level up
  • Some UI for main menu etc (think I will use generic Unity-GUI – ugly, but times running out)
  • Some funny background story.
  • More levels.
  • UI for choosing the power-ups of the morphed virus.
  • Outro.
  • Now: empty the bottle of beer, then sleep a little.

Screenie of “Morph, Virus, Morph!”  v0.2

Morph, Virus, Morph! v0.2

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