Some free ideas. What about Ludumception?

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August 25th, 2012 2:11 pm

I probably won’t do anything, so I’m giving free ideas away:

  • Ludumception: a game that mixes gameplay with the evolution of themes of past Ludum Dares:¬†
    Example: #1 the theme was “Guardian”, #2 “Construction” and #4 Infection. You have to kill the Guardian that is guarding a construction, and avoid the infection. And go on with all other themes. Could be a platformer mixing the themes.
  • FPS that goes from retro <-> modern look: some scenario is similar to DOOM, other with bump¬†mapping, lightning, etc. Straightforward to do with Unity.
  • Graphical evolution Cube eater: a Pacman like where you have to eat an element that has the same graphical specs than your level (1-bit, 8-bit, vector, etc).
  • Expanding Blob: jumping forever, eats and gets bigger. You have to puke if you are too big in order to go through thin paths.

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