Probably jam then.

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August 25th, 2012 4:40 am

I have a great idea, really – but there’s so much to do, I probably won’t be able to finish on time. My only hope might be the jam (though I will work alone anyway). For now, I can say that there will be felines and that I will be using this (that’s why all of this WILL take some time).

I wasted a horrible amount of time on designing (that’s good!) and even more on thinking about how to structure my code (that’s bad!). It’s the first time I’ve actually made some design document, but I should probably just start working on it already. The only thing I really managed to finish right now is my breakfast:

I can already see what is my main issue here: I completely forgot how to code in AS3/FP. I get stuck on many stupid things, and after reading “Game Coding Complete” (damn you, McShaffry!) the code structure kinda bothers me (because now I would do a lot of things in a different way, but there’s no time to write this, and sticking to FP architecture is better right now).

Wish me luck. 😛

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  1. mfcrocker says:

    I was originally using a GA but found switching from bit arrays to integers over and over an unnecessary complication. Hopefully you come to grips with it!

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