Late entry but I’m in!!

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August 25th, 2012 6:15 am

Earlier I’ve decided not to enter this Luudum dare due to a lack of time, but when reading others entries I suddenly had a small idea for a game and I might actually enter with a small game.
The game is about 2 races – red and blue, each race controls a ‘town’ and have 3 types of units which are stronger against some units but weaker against the other like in Rock-paper-scissors game:

you control one town and choose what units to produce, when one type of units defeats enough opponents this type of units evolves and it’s race will now produce an upgraded units of this type which will be faster or something, and when all units evolves ? times you can create the ultimate unit that defeats everything.
Gonna make this in ‘game maker 8 pro’ and ‘paint’.
Good luck.

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  1. RawBits says:

    sub-orbital meteor destroys everything… :) (I mean when you punch the opponent in the face in rock-paper-scissors not letting you win!)

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