XD So my game has turned into something I thought I’d never make: A Puzzle Game. It’s still first person and there is platforming, but you have to actually think to play this one. It’s mostly complete, with just a few more visual tweaks, but otherwise the main level is done, complete with a boss.

The level is quite compact, but it’s designed to last a while. My speed run of the game took about 300 seconds, so an experienced player will probably take longer. This game is longer and has more advanced mechanics than any of my previous ludum dare games, and it was quite the work to get this far.

If there’s one thing I hate about game development, it’s LEVEL DESIGN! Making levels takes forever, but it has to be done, because that’s how you make your game longer.

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  1. RawBits says:

    An interesting level generator algorithm and a good random seed always do the job for you! 😉

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