Introducing; basic AI!

Posted by (twitter: @andreyin)
August 25th, 2012 8:01 pm

Finally got around making the first AI. I gave up on using a jaguar-man because the sprite look so bad, and decided to make him into a human-dog hibrid, almost like Anubis.

New stuff since the last update here:

  • You can now shoot spears by pressing X
  • Intro and first part of the game is 90% done, only missing the last cutscene
  • Started making the Caves, a place where the dog-people live.
  • Created a basic AI for them, if you get close enough they’ll enter in “attack mode” and keep their distance
  • Still have to implement golden spears, that they’ll shoot at you from time to time

That’s pretty much it! Also I can’t livestream anymore because my computer isn’t being able to handle it very well, as I’m not even using a videocard.. I’m also really worried about this, because I can’t even test my game properly (it runs around 25-30fps in here when it should be running at 60fps). And I can’t even use webgl effects. BUT at least I can use particles and it won’t slow down the game much!

Here’s the game (being uploaded as I make it, since I’m using dropbox):


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