I see some evolution in my graphics

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August 25th, 2012 10:34 am

After a late start I am still working on the basic graphics and core logic. My original plan was to do pure 2d graphics. But once I was done I realized that it looks very boring and also a bit strange. Because of that I added a 3d view and kept the old 2d view as a kind of minimap.

Here are some screenshots:

Rotating a 2d image in 3d space helps making it look better

Added 3d-effect
The colored blocks are ‘alive’ and move

What I currently have is some kind of sandbox evolution simulator. The white blocks are spawned randomly and represent food. The colored cubes are the ‘creatures’ that move around and can eat the white blocks. If they ate enough they will duplicate. Every time a new creature is spawned it inherits and slightly changes its behavior randomly (mutation). Each creature is actually a very very small program running in a simple VM. To accomplish random mutation I just insert, change or remove random code.
Very interesting to watch, but doesn’t really feel like a game yet.

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