Halfway there!

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August 25th, 2012 6:42 pm

It’s impossible not to think of Bon Jovi right now.

Just a quick update, then I’ll get back to it. So much left to do!

Here’s the title screen I just whipped up!


Yes, you are OCTOGEDDON. Your purpose is to grow more and more limbs while evolving each one into deadlier weapons until you wipe out the human race. ┬áIt’s a defense game (familiar territory for me I suppose) where you can collect DNA points from vanquished foes to upgrade how many limbs you have and how powerful each limb is.

Here’s a recent screenshot:

First thing that came to my mind after hearing the theme is selectively evolving some sort of creature into some mutant monstrosity. The octopus came about when I was thinking that adding limbs would be a good way to mark your progression.

At first the baddies were gonna be sharks, and you were going to be sort of a “hero” octopus. I changed the sharks to submarines and made it so you are terrorizing the world instead of saving it. The octopus’s face had to change to reflect that of course.

Last night I spent a couple of hours thinking of a theme, then sketched on paper for an hour, then got an octopus rotating onscreen. I made it so you could swap out the octopus limbs for cobra limbs, added projectiles & enemies and worked on the music a bit.

Here’s what I had at the end of last night:

Today I added bubble particles and varied up the enemies (speedy/heavy and ones that shoot back at you). I added 2 more limbs (turtle shell and elephant trunk), got dna collecting up and running, and spent an hour on that title screen.

Laura periodically glances over at what I’m doing and laughs hysterically. I think that’s a good sign.

Ok, back to it. Hope I can finish!

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  1. aquasheep says:

    I lol’d pretty hard when I saw that octopus with three snakes for tentacles. Good luck to you, Mr. Bear.

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