[ryland@crappy projects]$ cp Pickachick pickachick
cp: omitting directory `Pickachick’
[ryland@crappy projects]$ rm -r Pickachick
[ryland@crappy projects]$


That’s how I lost 5 hours of work. Luckily I still have an older version of the game, but I’ve put in a lot of work since that version. I was trying to rename the directory from Pickachick to pickachick. I realize now that I could’ve just used mv, but I’ve been programming for a long time, I’m not thinking straight.

For anyone not familiar with linux commands, cp is a command to copy a file or directory, however, it only copies directories with the -r switch. I forgot the -r, and the directory wasn’t copied. Then I deleted the folder completely with the rm (remove) command.

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  1. SethR says:

    Ouch.. been there man, feel for ya

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