Done for today

Posted by (twitter: @andreyin)
August 25th, 2012 11:13 pm

Welp, it took me a long while to get a basic AI working, but here it is.

Throwing spears is kinda fun! Controls are arrow keys, Z and X.

It’s kinda hard too, but I made it so the enemies always drop a heart to make it easier.

Of course, since it’s really late I’m about to make a lot of cuts to my original idea.

Instead of having him evolve through different species, I’ll just have the dog-people, maybe add different kinds since the basic AI is there.

And only at the end, he ends up evolving into one of them.

Still so much to do, so little time..


edit: I forgot to mention, if you’re not showing up in the village at the beggining, just refresh the game until it happens.

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