Day 1: What a mess

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August 25th, 2012 4:28 am

Okay, evolution has been my least favourite theme for a long time… a lot of people have always explained why it’s not so good so I won’t get into it here, after all it’s too late now so we’ve got to work with what we’ve got!

I sat down for a long while trying to think of a good idea… came back with two that I liked equally, and after much deliberation (read: stressing and not knowing what to do!) decided to start on the second…

So, judging by the countdown timer I worked on that idea for 8 hours or so… and that time I spent has told me that it was way too much to do within the jam (one problem I had with the theme, most options are just far too big!).. My idea was something along the lines of simulating the ‘evolution of an idea’, was going to have a sandbox-ey thing where you put in an ‘idea’ and watch the effects of that idea in game as it ‘evolves’… yeah, not working so well. Not only is it probably out of scope if I want it to be playable, but in practise it is also strays pretty far from the theme! The only ways of getting it to work how I wanted that I could think of ended up being ‘put an idea in and see if it sticks’, rather than ‘put an idea in and see how it changes’. I still like this idea but it’s just not for this jam.

So, from then until now I’ve started work on idea #2.. Not sure how much I like this one, it’s kind of boring to me but maybe I can find a way to make it interesting to work on. Haven’t done much yet, not sure exactly where it’s going to go so there’s not much to say.

Anyway, I’ve still not completely given up on my first idea. Maybe after a sleep a way to make it work will come to me – I don’t know. I’m going to decide which to continue with in the morning when I’m thinking more sensibly, idea #1 is definitely more achievable but it’s hard to throw away a days work. For now, sleep, I am kind of tiredy and this post may not make sense.

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