Day 1: Relatively successful

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August 25th, 2012 2:30 pm

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I had an idea to begin with of a “game development evolution”. There were several different versions of this, my favourite being an old pong or NES game gradually evolving to a modern game, or a single game development evolution where you start as the only thing implemented (a character), and as you complete tasks more and more things were filled. The trouble with these it that, in order to be successful, they required good content rather than creative gameplay, which I am not very good at – sfxr for all sound and I haven’t yet been able to make better graphics than this.

So,  after about three hours I realised this and changed my plans, and my new idea thankfully meant not all the time was wasted. The game I am now making has gameplay based around evolution, where you have to strategically evolve/devolve into bigger/smaller entities with different characteristics to maneuver through changing terrain while still killing the enemies, which also are big or small or move through units. What I had planned to do today was to get the mechanics finished and made the level-changing-terrain system (‘level thing’) working. However, I discovered I was far too tired to actually make a good looking level thing, so I added extra mechanics like powerups and fixed some bugs I didn’t know existed, in exhange for an early night so I will actually be able to concentrate tomorrow.

No new screenshots as of yet.



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