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August 24th, 2012 12:17 am

My engine is in shambles right now, so I threw together a bunch of junk from my old entries into something resembling a basecode. It’s not much more than just a mainloop and loaders for textures and shaders, and some font code, but that’s more than I usually start with so maybe I won’t spend the first few hours trying to draw a cube (ahh, c++, how I love/hate it).

I was hoping to get mesh loading in there too, but I ran out of time so I guess I’ll either do that during the contest or just do everything procedurally or use cubes for everything (I did that for one of my favorite entries once). If you’re curious, the code is in my ld48jovoc code dump, under the “minibasecode” and “ld_template” directories. Feel free to scavenge, but it’s kind of a mess, especially if you’re not used to using cmake and xcode together. Hopefully this should enable me to build windows and linux versions very quickly after the contest, it’s worked out pretty well in the past.

I also added a little template script that sets up a new project that links in the basecode and has a mostly empty game class (that’s the screenshot you see above). So that should save me some setup, too.

Can’t wait for the theme and can’t wait to get started.

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