Progress on my game – first hour

Posted by (twitter: @andreyin)
August 24th, 2012 10:02 pm

So, I just got home (not my home, but anyway) and I spent the last hour drawing a mockup of the game I’ll make.

Here it is:


I’ve got a basic idea of what the game will play like.

Basically, you’re this caveman, and a meteor comes from the sky killing most of living things. You wake up after a billion thousand years, only to find that the human race has evolved into different types of humans/animals. Then, you go around exploring and evolving yourself.

I still have no idea of how to make the main character change into an animal hybrid. Maybe by collecting something? I thought of doing something like “if he jumps a lot, he’ll end up evolving his jump abiltities, so he’ll jump even higher” but I’m not sure I’ll use that as a gameplay mechanics.

And since I’m using my girlfriend’s computer at the time, I can’t even start programming until tomorrow, so I’ll just keep drawing and getting my ideas straight.


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