Hey everybody, I am in again and will be using:

Language: C#

Libraries/Framework: XNA with some Code from my last LD game (if you are interested, here is the source)

Graphics: Inkscape

Audio: BFXR, Autotracker-C

I will also try to provide a web version of this LD’s game – with the help of JSIL (check it out, this project is amazing! Also if you have a question about porting your game, just leave a comment or write me an email)

Here is the link to the web port of my last game: Click me! (The sound options in the game are not working, sorry for that!)

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8 Responses to “I’ve ported my XNA game to the web from the last LD!”

  1. zkenshin says:

    Hello, I was just trying to test out JSIL to see if it would be something I’d be interested in using to let more people review my game, but I can’t seem to get it to build. I’m getting this error(which doesn’t mean a thing to me, and I have no clue if you can help or not but I thought I’d give it a shot :P) :

    Error 1 The command “IF “AnyCPU”==”x86” GOTO goodPlatform
    ECHO JSIL must be built with the platform set to x86.
    EXIT /b 1
    IF “Debug”==”Debug” GOTO goodConfiguration
    IF “Debug”==”Release” GOTO goodConfiguration
    ECHO JSIL must be built with the configuration set to Debug or Release.
    EXIT /b 2
    :goodConfiguration” exited with code 1. Compiler

    • FrankTheTank says:

      Got the same error when I tried to build the project for the first time, try to switch the platform to “x86″ in the Configuration Manager (for all projects where it is possible and the solution platform). You can open the configuration manager if you right click your solution ->”Configuration Manager”.
      Oh, and don’t switch to Release build because this can lead to some strange assembly errors.

      Hope this helps 😉

      • zkenshin says:

        Thank you. I followed your advice and it fixed that problem, and I had to make it not build ‘smoke tests’ or something, but it seems to have built now. I ran it on an old project and it seemed to work, just trying to figure out how to make it run in chrome now and such 😛

      • zkenshin says:

        Sorry I feel I might as well ask incase it is something easy you can explain, I was trying to follow steps from https://github.com/kevingadd/JSIL/wiki but was finding them unclear. So is there any chance you’d mind explaining once you built and run, what html code or whatever you use to run your program…? (Sorry again for having no idea what I’m doing here :P)

        • FrankTheTank says:

          Yeah sure, I also had a lot of troubles to get it running for the first time so here you go. There is an article where the author of the project ported a game, it has some useful information: http://hildr.luminance.org/lumberjack_blogpost.html

          But in a nutshell, you start like this:

          At first you need a place to host your code (a webserver). I used this simple python webserver for testing on my local machine (scroll down to get the code to run it on localhost) http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/tech-tip-really-simple-http-server-python. You then need to copy the whole bin folder in the directory where you have started your webserver. Then you adjust the html and css files (see the article above) and you are good to go. If there are errors while loading the sound files, try to use a ‘real’ webserver, because these errors will most likely occur because of the MIME type.

          If you are stuck, don’t hesitate to comment again 😉

          • zkenshin says:

            Thanks again for all the help.

            Okay making progress. Trying to run it off of a proper webserver at http://elementalzeal.com/ScubaTest/, have the css working, but when I click load nothing seems to happen. I believe I uploaded the entire bin folder from the JSIL folder, and have the html file with the example code from his site changed to have my project name, but to be honest I was still a bit lost with his javascript on that link and may not have changed things exactly right. One question I guess is do we upload the Content folder from our game into the same directory as well? Some of the code seems to suggest it, and other projects like “platformer” on his demo/examples seems to have it, but the RPG folder doesn’t seem to?

            May be too late to figure it out for this competition, if I can’t I’d hopefully get it working when we’re not so pressed for time 😛

            • FrankTheTank says:

              I think you forgot to include the manifest scripts in the html, you can look at the article from my last comment (duh, posted the false link – sorry about that!).

              Here is an example from the lumberjack game:

              And yeah, you can build the web version after the compo has finished :)

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