Team ConflictiveLabs here! (Shadow, ilovepixel, elmismopancho). This is the first time we will be participating as a group so we look forward to having a great time on this iteration of the infamous LD Jam.

Tools we will be using:

  • Monkey for the radical h4x0r c0d3 (Shadow, elmismopancho)
  • Photoshop for the ├╝ber artsy graphics (ilovepixel)
  • sfxr for the sound effects (whoever gets some free time first)
  • [ TBA] for music (if any… really, no real musician here, just a bunch of amateurs)
  • Coordination will be carried over exclusively online, so we set up SVN, dropbox, google docs and skype as our communication tools.
Now, about our take on the theme…

After a few random thoughts we settled with a dungeon-crawler-type-of-game which will evolve (in terms of gameplay and graphics) as the player gets experience or collects a certain type of item (perhaps like those rings in Sonic). If the player is hurt (or loses what he was collecting somehow) the game looks will revert to an early generation, unless he manage to get back what he lost.

The lowest evolutionary level will be a text adventure, like Zork:

Legend of Zelda if it were playable on a typewriter back in 1980


Then, it may evolve into some rogue-like:

Zelda after I tried to play it on my telnet terminal

Then into a proper well-known full-color game:

The Legend of Zelda

Shame on you If you need me to describe this picture.


And the final level of evolution will be:

Can it get any better? (a tie with the lovely GBC version though. State-of-the-art as well friends. State of the art.)


So, we are most likely done with the idea, and quite happy with it. Each team member now will probably go to bed, have a good night and we will meet online tomorrow morning to start working on the game itself.

We truly wish every other team/lone-coder luck, and we also look forward to seeing your awesome games!


2 Responses to “Introducing our team, and our take on the theme”

  1. whilefun says:

    This is very similar to an idea that immediately leaped to mind. It’s great. But I am worried that tons of people will do it also. Hmmm…this kind of thing is still on my short list. It’d be fun!

  2. ConflictiveLabs says:

    Yes, It’s quite possible that more than a few games around that same concept will appear (as it’s actually not something hard to come up with), but we will make our best to set our game apart from the rest.

    One strong feature of the concept is the fact that the whole game (all rooms, battles, maps, etc) will be totally playable at any “evolutionary stage”. For that purpose we will develop a dungeon-crawler engine that will take a level/map description as input and will play the whole thing at any specified “level of evolution.

    Perhaps we can play a bit with that dynamism. Perhaps some areas will reveal interesting details when viewed at a certain evolutionary level (Text is sometimes more descriptive than a block of colors). Perhaps we can give the choice to the player (whether he wants to evolve or not). Perhaps evolution/de-evolution will be performed through items or skills.

    So well… as it stands right now, the key ingredient from our idea is the dynamism (of evolution). We can theorically make the game evolve/de-evolve at any point. We might need to think a bit harder on how to use that to make our game stand out from similar entries, though.

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