Bitter coffee isn’t sweet.

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August 24th, 2012 10:14 pm

30 minutes I’ve been out of my bed. Damn cat.

I kinda don’t like the theme, but a theme is a theme. My first plan was to go with an old project. I add written down a start for a story, come up with a few mechanics. Both gameplay and the story were involving evolution. But I’ll scrap it. I’ll not do a pokémon™ game for a ludum dare. It would go against the “can be published right after the LD”.

By the way, I’ve forget to put sugar in my coffee. Bitter coffee isn’t sweet.

So, I needed a plan B. While making the coffee, I’ve take a look at a dictionary. I’m french, so I don’t know if evolution can be used everywhere to talk about military stuff moving in a planned fashion or acrobat doing their stuff. And thoses didn’t inspire me. But disease can evolve. Like a cancer. So I think I’ll go with that.

Plan B will be «Disease EX{pt}3/1»

Damn this coffee.

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  1. kill0u says:

    M’suis aussi aidé de la définition anglaise d’évolution 😀
    Courage 😉

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