Welcome to Ludum Dare 24!

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August 23rd, 2012 4:16 am

Hello and welcome everyone to Ludum Dare 24.

Final round theme voting is on. This is your last chance to help decide what theme we will all be creating our games based on. If you haven’t already, go vote for your favorite themes now! Prior round results can be found here.


We will be announcing the theme FIRST on both IRC and Twitter. irc.afternet.org in the #ludumdare channel, or twitter.com/ludumdare.

We have a huge list of real-world jams going on alongside Ludum Dare 24. You can check out the list here. In addition, many people are live streaming the development of their games. Check those out over here.

Kongregate Contest

Just a few days ago we saw probably the most controversial issue in Ludum Dare history. A Ludum Dare veteran who previously had some big success in the event, as well as beyond the event, got hired by Kongregate. Wanting to give back, he championed inside Kongregate to do something special for others in the community. An act of goodwill has been met with a harsh damning response.

Details about the Kongregate Contest can be found here. You can read a good summary of what transpired in this IndieGames.com article.

Folks, your cries have been heard loud and clear. Our stance has always been that Ludum Dare itself will never offer prizes. For us it’s about the community, and the amazing part is we’ve reached such a critical mass now that this is a thing. We’ve tried to make it clear to everyone that has contacted us that any prize givings should be external, unrelated of our own results and voting, and that’s what Kongregate has done. I can’t vouch for what Kongregate is thinking now, but I can guarantee they’ve heard you.

The thing is, Kongregate has been running monthly contests like this for years, and for years Ludum Dare participants have taken advantage of those contests. This is just one more pot of cash, specially set aside for all of you. And the irony is we ourselves run an event every October about encouraging members of the community to take the first step of earning money ($1) from making games. It is a shame to see such a harsh reaction to this, as that very well could have ended 1 or more opportunities from happening. Anyone that makes independent games for a living should know that opportunities can be few and far between.

But again, your cries have been heard loud and clear.

If you’d like to comment further on the issue, I encourage you to take the discussion over here.


Ahem, now that we’ve dealt with the elephant in the room, it’s time to get on to the festivities!

On deck for Keynote Duty this time is Seth Robinson, a fellow Ludum Dare administrator, and for you gaming history buffs, creator of Dink Smallwood and the BBS classic Legend of the Red Dragon.

That’s all for now. Good luck, and may the best theme win. Long live Ludum Dare!


69 Responses to “Welcome to Ludum Dare 24!”

  1. joekinley says:

    Is it just me or is the keynote broken?

  2. keenblaze says:

    yes, I can watch until 3:30

  3. joekinley says:

    Maybe it has to propagate still

  4. Gemberkoekje says:

    10.000 kittens in the air~!

  5. Gemberkoekje says:

    Here are the themes sorted on popularity. Absolutely has no meaning whatsoever on the final vote:
    1. Abandoned
    2. Survive
    3. Parallel Worlds
    4. Creation and Destruction
    5. Evolution
    6. Castles
    7. Curiosity
    8. Colony
    9. Afterlife
    10. Tunnels
    11. Chain Reaction
    12. Trapped in Another World
    13. End of the World
    14. Companion
    15. Don’t Go Outside
    16. Break the Rules
    17. Beginning of Time
    18. Night
    19. Deep Space
    20. Ruins
    21. Secret World
    22. Destruction
    23. Self Destruction

    • You know if that list weighted those votes by the overall votes in a given round, it might be interesting…

      • Gjarble says:

        Here you go!
        1. Abandoned 24.02135231
        2. Survive 17.55725191
        3. Parallel Worlds 15.52147239
        4. Creation and Destruction 14.45409429
        5. Evolution 13.5101789
        6. Castles 10.33415842
        7. Curiosity 9.858323495
        8. Colony 9.723076923
        9. Afterlife 9.360189573
        10. Chain Reaction 9.130706692
        11. Tunnels 8.978145304
        12. Trapped in Another World 6.552538371
        13. End of the World 5.541718555
        14. Companion 4.174454829
        15. Don’t Go Outside 3.598014888
        16. Break the Rules 2.998126171
        17. Beginning of Time 2.186133666
        18. Night 1.965455628
        19. Deep Space 1.663585952
        20. Ruins 1.549907006
        21. Secret World 1.175015461
        22. Destruction 0.627352572
        23. Self Destruction 0.062266501

        The number is the percentage of round participants who upvoted it minus the percentage of people who downvoted it. Note that each theme suggestion received a different number of votes (I guess some people abstained instead of clicking 0), so there’s no definitive number of how many people participated in a round… so techinically, I didn’t work with the number of “round participants” but the number of people who voted on that theme.

        Also, there wasn’t really all that much difference in the number of voters between rounds. Round 1 (the highest) had about 1700 votes per theme, and Round 4 (the lowest) had about 1600 votes per theme. However, it DOES matter, both for relative values and ranking. Even so, only one ranking-change occured: Chain Reaction and Tunnels switched places.

  6. grimpunch says:

    1000 kittens, vote for it! Notch agreed with me about it, on IRC.
    DO IT! πŸ˜€

  7. DragonSix says:

    I can’t vote. It says I must log in, but I’m logged in :/

  8. KevinWorkman says:

    Great keynote. Is it pathetic if I admit that it gave me chills?

  9. Dink Smallwood dude! OMFG Nostalgic feelings levels over nine thousand!!!

  10. Puzzlem00n says:

    Thank you so much for this, Seth. Is it wrong to openly say that this is beautiful? Thank you for reminding everyone what it’s all about.

  11. raideen says:

    abandoned+survive+parallel world+curiosity+colony+tunnels+end of the world+companion+don’t go outside+break the rules+ruins+destruction=Zombie game!

  12. wazoo says:


    Can’t wait to see the theme…loved the keynote, great job!

  13. Codexus says:

    I love Seth’s inimitable style! πŸ˜€ Great keynote!

  14. Matt Rix says:

    Please don’t vote for “abandoned”. We already had “alone” in LD22, they’re basically the same thing.

  15. zeh says:

    Holy shit. Seth Able? I didn’t know he was involved with LD at all. I spent so much time playing LORD (super competitively at some BBS’s).

  16. pythong says:

    This reminded me why we’re all here. Let’s have fun, people!

  17. Winterblood says:

    The short list reads like some sort of Janes Joyce short-form SF story :)

  18. kaidoe says:

    I’ve been seeing quite a correlation between LD24 and the London 2012 Olympics.. The outrage at the controversy of the Kongregate compo, the scandals of Evolution and Kittens, but as the event is about to start I can tell people are getting excited on the IRC channel. Once it starts people will be giving it their all and after it finnishes we’ll all have a warm sense of pride in our medals! (or haggard attempt at a 1000 Kittens game)

    Go TeamLD!

  19. Gonna let it all out. Gonna do it. FUEKC YERS

  20. Peter Cooper says:

    Ah man, I just switched to using the “Dah-ray” pronunciation for “Dare” and now the keynoter just says “Dare”. Can I flip back? πŸ˜‰

  21. YumYumNoodles says:

    Ive got such an amazing idea for Dont Go Outside! I thought of it while brushing my teeth… Winning!

  22. VDZ says:

    Hmm…kinda underwhelming keynote if you ask me, especially after the brilliant keynote last LD. (In case anyone’s memory needs to be jogged, it was the interactive one with all the minigames.)

  23. Pixelbear says:

    I found that keynote incredibly inspiring. Thanks!

  24. redpandagames says:

    Okay, I’m in. Voted. I really hope that people don’t vote for 1,000 kittens…

  25. deepnight says:

    1000 kittens, that’s an awful lot of blood.

  26. jellycubestudio says:

    Voted. I like those themes πŸ˜€
    1000 kittens? I don’t think so…

  27. redpandagames says:

    If I make my game with Multimedia Fusion, I won’t be able to submit the source code, but I could submit the project file and everything else. If I don’t have my own engine/builder, can I still enter the “compo” or do I have to enter the “Jam”?

  28. CoffeeOnimal says:

    Great Keynote!
    My son really liked the Shinkansen cut.

    Just to be clear, stalking -> bad? This is non-negotiable?

  29. mohammad says:

    guys, about that kongrate thing:
    1.congrate was simply trying to advertise their contest for you contest lovers
    2.remember when i tried to get my minecraft server up on there? did you see how many haters it got?
    3.i dont think ludum dare hates prizes,i think it hates ads

    • Puzzlem00n says:

      *sigh* People weren’t hating on you, they were telling you the truth. LD isn’t the place for talking about playing games (unless they’re made here), it’s for making them. Although I get the point you’re trying to make.

  30. midgard says:

    Less than 9h oh my god! I’m nervous!

  31. Jonny D says:

    I… didn’t see a joke theme in round 5…

  32. fishbrain says:

    I… forgot… but then… a reminder… the Ludum… I… must… I must… I must… partake.

  33. Puzzlem00n says:

    My favorite theme is actually Companion. Any other companion supporters in the house?

    • Henry McLaughlin says:

      I would make a prototype for a game I’ve wanted to make for a very long time.

      I like that theme. :)

    • Gjarble says:

      I agree; “Companion” seems like it would result in by far the most interesting games. It was one of only three themes I upvoted in the first rounds (the others being Colony and Curiosity) that actually made it to the final round… unless you count Kittens as “having made it”. >_>

    • bndwagn_junglst says:

      I really want this. I have some ideas.

      (I could be a bit of a sourpuss here and point out that ‘Companion’ and ‘Abandoned’ are kind of the same theme, but…*)

      *(I jest.**)
      **(Sort of.)

  34. Aceria says:

    First Ludum Dare for me, joining in with Unity.

    Can’t wait to get started (even though it’ll be 2AM over here when we start).

  35. cdoty says:

    If I can twist the theme into a retro style game; I intend to work on a SNES game using pvsneslib (http://www.portabledev.com/wiki/doku.php?id=start).

  36. mohammad says:

    “when the theme is announced,the website usually crashes and goes to hell…sorry about that.”
    LAMFO but seriously, that happens!?!

  37. BrothersT says:

    Anyone else think it would be a waste if abandoned won?

  38. mohammad says:

    well im f***, becuase as of now, my game will NEVER win the ludum thanks to eveloutin.
    because i cant make music,i cant use music,and i wont have music.
    screw it!

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