LINUX for the win

Posted by (twitter: @wilbefast)
August 23rd, 2012 1:28 pm

Hey there!

I’m William (aka wilbefast) and I make games for Linux 😀 … and sometimes Windows, Android and the Web. I look forward to making games with you!

I’ll be participating from France with a bunch of friends, each making their own game but doing so together to keep each-other motivated :) We’ll be live-streaming, etc, so please feel free to stalk us.

Depending on the theme I may use HTML5 (javascript) or LWJGL (Java), and I’ll probably borrow bits of code from various projects I’ve posted to github or my website. Maybe. In my experience one should never be too prepared for a jam.

Looking forward to playing your games, though bear in mind I’ll be playing those which run on Linux first for convenience sake… actually I’m hoping there’ll be enough that I never need to boot up Windows (sorry guys).

Not looking to win, just to have fun: looking forward!


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  1. rustybroomhandle says:

    I’ll keep an eye open for your entry. :)

  2. hilaia says:


    I’m from Belgium(talking French as well). How are you going to be in contact with your friends? What a chance if you’re gathering. I’m looking for something like developers I could distract me with 😀 . I had a look everywhere but well, nobody seems to want to socialize here(on a mumble or whatevah!)… And yup, I have actually no geek friend(maybe next year =D )

    Coding in Java (AWT-Swing or LWJGL probably, depending on my first idea)

    • wilbefast says:

      We’ll be sur place 😉 There are more geeks around than you might think: they may just be shy about it. Geek pride! Attending these sort of events is a good start, but going to a GGJ event where it’s in person is even better. The people I’ll be with I know from university, or via people I know from university.

      I’d really recommend LWJGL (with or without Slick2D) rather than AWT, which isn’t much good for games in my experience :/

      • hilaia says:

        I got a really nice 2D engine working on it… I was able to create tons of particles a sec with still 600 FPS and handling events about detection. Everything was about optimizations tricks :’) .
        I thought about making a game from it, but it never happened because it was just a challenge and designing levels wasn’t a goal to me. I also tried to add a scripting option for mappers “just in case”, or “to see if it could work”, using beanshell, but it never worked because anonymous classes in new-defined classes don’t work and otherwise it was too heavy.

        By the way, maybe there’re geeks around me, but there weren’t at my secondary school… Already tried to talk about OpenGL & so, no way xD “Omg you need to type all this code for only doig this!!!”. Next year I’m sure I’ll find but it’s a pain to me to feel so alone until the 15th September :p .

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