LD 24 I’m in it again!

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August 23rd, 2012 5:41 am

For the second time I’m in for the compo!



More tools:

I’ll be using my base-application code, you can feel free to use it too.

Also I recently hacked a small modification into my cocos2d-standalone-file so that I can use the resource-preloader to add files without having to add each to the cocos2d.js file.

In case I want to use Vector maps in my game I’ll create Inkscape-svgs, fetch their vertex-data-string with jQuery, parse it with my SvgParser.js functions and hand it over to box2d.
Currently this is done in a very simple manner. I must only create convex polygons in the svg, otherwise the parse can’t handle it.
Also all paths must consist out of straight lines and must not contain curves.
The easiest way is to use triangles instead of complex polygons.
I’m thinking about adding triangulation either as Inkscape-plugin or to the parser later, but for now I’ll do it the hard way.

In case I want to use Tilemaps I can just use cocos2d’s build-in Tiled parser, never did that before, but it sure will be fun to figure out how it works in the middle of the compo.
It was fun to learn the basics of cocos2d when I participated the last time.

Input.js and PhysicsNode.js have mostly stayed the same since the last compo, just some small patches.

I’m also not sure how I’ll do audio, maybe I’ll search a library during the compo, use plain html5 Audio or just make a game without audio like the last time.



I’m kind of sad that my suggested themes “Nazis and Dinosaurs” and “Celebrities of the 18th century” are not in the top 100, so I’ll just hope for kittens or something else that’s good.

Also I should stop myself from remembering the theme list, because whenever I do that I just try to think of one game that combines all the themes. That’s not good. It’ll only confuse myself and get me distracted when the actual theme is announced (happened the last time).

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  1. My Milked Eek says:

    Thanks for neosam’s scripts :)

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