Greetings, Ludumdarians!

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August 23rd, 2012 4:07 pm

IT’S DARE!!!!!!!!

Hey there guys, this is @vruz from Montevideo, Uruguay.

This my second LD, my previous one was back in 2010.

This time I’m back to the trenches to try again in a team of two, with my friend Luis Miguel working remotely from Spain.

We’ll be using the very cool LÖVE framework, and probaby some add-on Lua libraries to simplify the management of sprites and camera.

Both LM and I can code, and game design will be shared 50/50, but I’m probably more artistically inclined so we’re going to try to find a good balance, maybe I’ll do a little coding, but most of the art will provided by me.

GIMP and/or Photoshop for graphics, SFXR for sound effects, and for music possibly some tracker like SunVox, Renoise or Milky Tracker.

If we don’t get enough time for an original score, I may request a little helping hand from some friends who hang out on SoundCloud.



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  1. ghoulsblade says:

    Good luck and have fun!
    fyi: Löve2D ludumdare thread, already 40+ people using Löve2D this time =)

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