declaration of personal code libraries

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August 23rd, 2012 9:49 pm

I have a bunch of personal libraries that I have been developing in my free time, are not to be consumed by the general public:


I have a bunch of love libs and  games on my github. My build scripts and dev environment are also available in the git repo for this LD:



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  1. Gidaio says:

    That’s right, slow those code libraries down!

    … You spelled ‘deceleration’ instead of ‘declaration.’ Couldn’t resist making that joke. 😛

  2. imake says:

    Your personal library (upper link) was huge. It turned out to contain all sort of space game and avatar related graphics. If you are about to enter the compo, you are not supposed to use premade graphics: “All game code and content must be created within the 48 hours”. It was separate storage from you real setup (lower link), so assuming yuo wouldn’t use them, right 😉 For jam the rules are more relaxed.

    By quick look (not knowing Lua) the code was general “setup/library” code, not actual game protorype code, so part of it could be used to build game, depending of theme which parts you might use.

    • josefnpat says:


      Oh yeah, totally. All the images and such are just placeholders. I didn’t really have time to strip out all the graphics and such. The only code I intend to use are the ones that are actually libraries. Thanks for the concern!

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