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    Some updates on what I’m doing for LD24…

    Posted by
    August 22nd, 2012 9:24 am

    In case you missed my last post, here are my tools:
    Language: Java
    IDE: Eclipse
    Art: Paint.NET/PyxelEdit
    Sound: FamiTracker/SFXR/MixCraft

    Also, I will be participating int both events at the same time, submitting 2 versions of the same game. I will be working alone for the first 48 hours, submit the compo version, then invite some of my friends to help me with code and art for the last 24 hours of the jam. Then I will submit the jam version of my game. That is, if it’s allowed (is it?). Well, that’s all for updates. See you at the compo!

    2 Responses to “Some updates on what I’m doing for LD24…”

    1. KevinWorkman says:

      (blatant self-advertising ahead)

      If you don’t have a host in mind, you might consider the free Java and Processing hosting I offer at StaticVoidGames.com.

      It’s still a work-in-progress, but at the very least it gives you an easy way to showcase your game. It’s free, and you can specify your own banner ads to hopefully make some money.

      Check it out if you feel like it! http://StaticVoidGames.com

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